Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weekly Wrap....March 18

                                                  Good morning (or good afternoon)

Today is race day for the both of us! I will be running the Lucky Charm 10K later today and Lacey will be running a little race called the L.A Marathon.

Guys, I think both of us have sort of been in a running rut because neither of us really trained like we should have.

I was so excited to have a 10K be the first race of the year for me. I thought it would be a good distance. I wouldn't have to put in the time and dedication that I would for a half marathon (like I did last year), yet something more than a 5K would give me something to work towards.  Like I mentioned previously, I wanted to use this 10K as a "goal race" since I was sick for my 10K last Spring, but I don't think that will happen. In any case, I'm anxious to see how it will go since it will be a "new to me race".

I still got in three (pretty weak) workouts this week.

1) On Sunday I  did 6 Run-walk miles on the trail with my sister. I'm definitely glad we got out and got some miles in.  We treated ourselves to those yummy girl scout flavored coffees and split this mint brownie treat!

2) I did do a mid week strengthening session and actually spent an hour on the treadmill! I decided that since it takes me much longer to run the same distance on the tread than it does outside, that I would just run by time and not distance. I figured it should only take me about an hour to do the 10K on Sunday, so I just stayed on the mill for an hour just to keep my endurance up.

3) My last (sad) workout for the week was a 2 mile walk on the trail with my friend Heather who came to visit. She will also be running the Lucky Charm Race!

What I plan to wear on race day.

Heather and I will be heading out soon to the race and I'm actually excited! It is St. Patrick's day themed (which I have never done a St. Patty's day race before), and there will be festivities and a parade afterwards. The weather is even suppose to be nice, so that's a plus!  Can't wait to share how it goes!   -M

We will be linking up with Holly and Wendy for their weekly wrap!

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