Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekly Wrap...March 4!

How is it the 4th of MARCH already?

Sunday was pretty foggy all day and I think it sprinkled on and off. I decided to stay close to home so my sister and I did a two mile loop around my neighborhood and we did a LOT OF HILLS!

On Monday I tried one of the Dunkin Donuts Girl Scout Cookie Frozen Coffees, I got the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor and it was awesome.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about that drink a few more times this  Since I had the drink, I was inspired to run a little longer on Monday.

I ran 6.2 miles.  While on the trail I saw the cutest little dog. It was a Minature Labradoodle. I thought perhaps this breed of dog would make a nice buddy for Baylee if and when we decided to get another dog, but I am partial to a little bit bigger of a dog like retrievers so I don't know about getting a little dog. It's not just me.

Okay, so I suppose you are all just dying to hear how I made out with the Icon Fitness people on Monday when I got home.

I was on hold for 55 minutes. In that time I did my post run stretches, watched three episodes of Judge Judy, and baked three chicken breast in the oven and made a salad.  So, I guess the time wasn't a complete waste.

I had already known that downloading too many workouts could jam things up and cause my treadmill to react. On my end I only saw my three current workouts but on their end, there were more. The customer service rep deleted those on her end and I was able to start fresh.  I had her on the phone while I walked .3 miles and felt bad keeping her hanging on the phone.  It seemed to work fine. So far so good.

After work on Tuesday I came home and rested 10 minutes on the sofa while Baylee and I shared a handful of Animal Crackers. I really didn't feel like going for a run. I felt exhausted from work and over heated (it was hot at work and I had a rough day with the 8th graders). I had a good run on Monday so felt like I earned a rest day. But that darn weather beckoned me to get outside. We don't always have such beautiful weather in February so I needed to take advantage, especially since it looked like it might rain later in the week. 

I made a deal with myself that I would only have to run three miles. I ran around only the paved paths on the island and I felt fine afterwards. Refreshed actually.  I guess it's true, no one ever regrets going for a run.

Wednesday it was also nice but I just wanted to get some quick miles at home so I fired up the treadmill. I didn't even use the ifit program because i wanted to watch Judge Judy instead.

I took Thursday as a rest day but I didn't even rest. I actually spent all afternoon /evening in the kitchen cooking. I made home made potato soup (for later), tomato and basil pasta, salad (for that night), and shortcake for some berries I had. 

We had plans to go out with friends on Friday evening so I fired up the treadmill again to get some quick miles in. I was excited to use the iFit maps.  Let's just say I am continuing to be frustrated with iFit. It is NOT fixed.

The maps were not working properly and the treadmill stopped several times so the incline would calibrate (which never happened before).  I started it over several times and couldn't even get a full mile in without it shutting down.  Since I now know Icon Fitness is not open on Saturdays I called immediately (since it was still during business hours). I could not even get through but now that I think about it, I do know the Verizon towers were down due to some storms in the area. 

This was enough to make me frustrated all weekend! I will NOT be defeated by this iFit program. I have too much time and money invested at this point! Stay tuned as I am sure the saga will continue this week. Oh, for those of you keeping track, I started dealing with this on New Years Day. Will I get it resolved before the official start of Spring? Before Summer?   -M

Have you had the girl scout flavored coffee's yet? (I know I will be cheating on Starbucks with Dunkin for the next few weeks). 

Do you prefer small dogs or medium/large dogs (like retriever size)?  (I say medium/large because I do not mean LARGE dogs like Great Danes or St Bernards. 

We will be linking up with Wendy and Holly for their weekly wrap!

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