Friday, March 16, 2018

What people think about me

When I run my favorite routes, I notice that I tend to see the same people day after day. It’s the lady walking her dog, the couple walking together, the middle aged man running, you get the idea. 

Sometimes I wonder if those regulars notice me too.  I mean, I don’t care if they don’t notice me at all and honestly I would prefer to stay under the radar, but if they do notice me running, what do you think they think about me?

   Just for fun, this is what I think they think of me at the park (or on the trail).

1       1.There’s that girl that bops her head when she runs (to the music that of course they can not hear).

         2.  There’s that girl that is breathing heavy (this may be in my own head). 

         3.There’s that girl who always runs with her hair in a messy bun.

        4. There’s that girl that always waves to my dog.

       5. There’s that girl that is eventually going to trip over her own feet because she is not paying attention. (it’s true, I do like to observe my surroundings and pay very little attention to the ground. I need to work on this).

What do you think the regulars on your route would say about you?  -M

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